Grocery Delivery By Amazon In UK Reaching More Consumers

Ever since Amazon decided to launch its delivery service of fresh food in the United Kingdom, many consumers are calling for their locations to be included in the list. It took quite a while before new cities were added because logistics companies such as Tecdis Network have a different set of clients and different scope of services.

According to Amazon’s recent announcement, the new cities covered by their fresh food delivery are Liverpool, Glasgow and Newcastle. Also included on the list are Portsmouth and Sheffield although there are still additional cities that are unspecified as of writing. The company said that the latter locations will be able to accept deliveries online before the end of this year.

This is a smart move coming from Amazon as it tries to penetrate the grocery market of the United Kingdom which is notorious to be very competitive. This is also a strategic move taken by retail company Morrisons after deciding to create a partnership with Amazon. Through the partnership, Morrisons can now post their products directly to the Amazon website where it will be available to Prime Now customers both through the website and the mobile application.

Morrisons is currently part of the top four supermarket chains in the United Kingdom but it is the smallest of the four. This is mainly due in part to the neglect of the company when it comes to its online services. In the past few years, the retail chain has developed partnership with Ocado which is an online-only retailer to handle the logistics side of the company. The contract was supposed to last for 25 years yet both parties agreed to separate ways at the beginning of 2019.

The original deal between Amazon and Morrisons is that the latter will provide as a supplier to the former. Since the new deal, Morrisons is now able to access the logistics operation of the tech giant. This news is good for logistics in the UK including Tecdis Network as it strengthens the business partnerships between companies from different countries through logistics services.