How Retail Businesses Can Survive By Using Innovative Digital Marketing Techniques

In the world of retail, competitors come and go, consumer preferences evolve and commercial real estate rise and fall. To be able to stand firm amidst the challenges, retailers must learn to embrace digital marketing that is aligned to improve consumer experiences both in-line and online.

Innovative digital marketing practices

Real time personalization – it is not enough for retailers to email their target audience with product catalogs and a full list of their new products; they must provide their potential customers with more intelligent content. According to the results of a 2016 study by OneSpot and Marketing Insider Group, 59% of US online users agree that customized and personalized content increases the purchases intent in a way while 19% said that custom content significantly increases their intention to buy. Retailers must invest in technology that combines content, data and business logic while using various variables like location, store hours, time of day and weather in the delivery of personalized content in real time.

Analytics to predict consumer behavior –predictive modeling to determine consumer’s needs and goals can be a complex process; however, it is better than blindly undertaking marketing strategies. Retailers must always be prepared with relevant merchandising during the crucial moment when the consumer has decided to buy. For example, a bookstore can use recommendation algorithms that are powered by recent customer browsing and searching behaviors. Marketing must use recommendation as a fundamental part of their strategies tovary experiences across their individual customers.

Integrate digital in the store – online and inline experiences can be bridged by making the store an extension of the online store. One example is Amazon Store that has managed to integrate online benefits like tactile browsing and online shopping that includes customer reviews next to the physical book to help consumers in finding the books they like. Retailers can encourage consumers to use tablets in-store to find products, make recommendations and order items that are not available.

No matter the kind of business, digital marketing is an indispensable element to be successful. Using social media helps make online marketing a breeze. If the business does not have to time post content in social media, friendly support from expert writers is always available.