How To Avoid Delays At The US-Canada Borders

Canada is the 2nd largest trading partner of the United States. Shipping goods from Canada to the US is not as complex as you think because there are logistics and trucking providers that are highly experienced in cross-border transport to allow you to engage in international trade. 

Most of the problems associated with delays at the border and getting through customs are incomplete and inaccurate documents. The majority of goods that are entering the US are formal entries and require the assistance of a US customs broker. An informal entry does not require a US customs broker as long as the exporter goes with the shipment or if a consignee will collect the shipment at the border or port of entry. If the value of the goods is $2,000 or less, they automatically qualify as an informal entry except if they are controlled goods. 

There are certain kinds of shipments that have to fulfill additional requirements. For example, the Federal Trade Commission monitors clothing and textiles while the Food and Drug Administration monitors food and beverages. If you are prepared with all the necessary documents and forms required for the shipment, you won’t experience any difficulty getting a customs clearance. 

Under the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement (USMCA) most of the goods traded between the countries are free of tariffs. The agreement has greatly improved the trading of textiles, agricultural products, and cars. However, certain items like automobile parts, clothing, furniture, computers, and other related equipment, beddings, linens, towels, and other related products are still levied with duties and taxes. 

Most of the potential costs associated with taxes have been eliminated by USMCA in order to facilitate trade in North America. Another benefit enjoyed by businesses and custom brokers is reduced paperwork for customs. Goods with lower value and lower risks can enter either country with the most minimum procedures on formal entries. 

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