How To Find A Cross-Border Transport Provider For Your Business

As businesses look to expanding into international markets, cross-border transport services are constantly evolving and improving their features to cater to these companies. It may seem like doing cross-border shipments is just a matter of dispatching a truck of goods and going through the US-Canadian border, but in fact, there are a number of complex procedures that businesses will be unable to attend to independently. For instance, transacting between two countries requires a lot of paperwork and fees and two different customs procedures. If you miss a document, you might incur penalties that may cost you a few thousand dollars and worse, delays in your shipment.   

There are many transport services that traverse the US-Canadian border, so you have many options; but of course, you will want one that is experienced, reliable, and flexible to your needs.


Of course, you will want a transport provider that is already experienced not just in the shipping industry, but also in border transport and routes. An experienced provider should be able to guide you through all the requirements you need for your shipment to get through customs without a hitch, make sure that all the paperwork is filed correctly, knows the roads and best routes, and have knowledge of the shipping destination.


A good transport provider will be able to securely handle your shipment in the best possible way. They will also have proper technology in place, such as track-and-trace devices that will alert you about the status of your shipment. It would be helpful to find out if they deliver on their promised services by looking into feedback from other clients. 


Not all shipments are the same: some are large bulk items, others are small and fragile; some are perishable, others require re-packaging. Having a transport option that caters to your needs is essential. Additionally, the type of transport available depending on the volume and frequency of your shipments would be good to look into, as well. 

A good cross-border transport service provider will offer an array of available options. Like Titan Transline, which has LTL and FTL transport options, temperature-controlled services, and transportation for trade shows, which allows them to cater to a diverse list of businesses. Because the transport service provider is essentially the last step before your package arrives at your customer’s doorstep, it is essential that you can trust them with your shipment needs.