How To Save In Full Truckload Transport

Dedicated full truckload transport options are offered by logistics and trucking companies like Titan Transline to shippers who want their goods to arrive at their highest quality. A full truckload service is a great option for shippers because it has faster transit times with fewer damage risks. 

To gain the full advantage of FTL, shippers must have enough pallets for their freight to fill the truck because it costs a hefty shipping rate to buy the entire space. However, this issue has to be weighed against the waiting time of having enough freight to fill the truck. Freight that is damage-sensitive can travel alone through FTL however, the shipping rate is higher particularly if the truck is not filled. 

Many shippers prefer FTL to the LTL hub and spoke model because of the faster travel time to the destination. Because it is cost-prohibitive to ship a few pallets through FTL, they wait to fill the entire truck to justify the cost. However, the longer the waiting time, the less will be the inventory that you will be bringing to sell. Shipments that wait to fill an entire truckload occupy the warehouse space that additional products need. Waiting will cause further delay down the supply chain because the new products cannot move on the shelves. 

To reduce the inefficiencies of FTL, a number of players within the logistics industry have created algorithm-focused logistics solutions. Through the implementation of automation and machine learning, shippers will be able to access high yield loads because their freight will be digitally matched to carriers. 

Uber Freight makes use of digital logistics solutions to keep trucks operating with active loads and to minimize deadhead miles. The digital platform used by Uber Freight has an automated load matching feature that can find loads closest to the delivery location. When delivery locations are close together, it will reduce the number of empty miles that the carrier will travel in between. 

Another option for shippers to make FTL more affordable is to allow the shipment to be pooled with other business freight. The shipper will only pay for the space that the shipment will need. Goods will move quickly out of the warehouse to the market.