How To Train The Dog To Eat A Balanced Diet

One of the biggest challenges faced by new dog parents is dog eating training so that they will eat the right foods for their bodies. Like humans, dogs must eat a complete and balanced diet. However, it can be difficult to resist the puppy dog eyes at the dinner table. What the dog wants is not exactly what its body needs.

According to Dr Lee Danks, technical services veterinarian at Black Hawk, there are common misconceptions in understanding what dogs should eat. One misconception is food equates to love. Sharing meals with the dog at the dinner table makes them feel happy and secure but it sends a mixed message where they cannot distinguish the food from the daily meal of dog food. This is particularly true when the human food is given irregularly or varies in the number of calories.

The precious resource of food becomes intertwined to social interaction. Meal sharing often accounts for the extra calories that have long term effects. Meal sharing strengthens the bond but it does more harm than good. Without training, dogs tend to overeat and they are unaware of the negative impact.

Begging for food is often part of training. When the dog follows you around, you assume that it needs food because it is a learned behavior. What is important is to understand what the dog needs.

There are also several reasons why the dog suddenly refuses its food. One reason is unpalatability. Another reason is change in the dog’s preferences. There are instances when the dog food has not been stored properly and loses some of its flavor. If a fresh bag does not do the trick, it might be time to try for a new product.

There is a wide range of dog food products on the shelves and a high-quality product can provide all the necessary nutrients. An effective dog eating training can work to make the dog eat better but pet owners must also be discerning. Choose the right product on the shelves that fulfil nutrient requirements. Check the pack and look at the ingredients that will be appealing to the dog’s sensitive sense of smell.