How You Can Be Protected With Insect Repellent Bands

Mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects pose a huge problem to many people who like to enjoy the outdoors especially on warmer months. However, with these bothering pests around, your summer dream can turn into a nightmare. Due to these problems, there are mosquito repellent products offered in the market nowadays. There are now repellent sprays, gels, lotions, shampoos and roll-on devices. The latest innovation is the insect repellent bands, which you need to wear on your wrist.  They are not only effective but are more convenient and cleaner. They completely use 100% natural and eco-friendly repellents, which do no harm on humans but drive away mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

We all know that mosquitoes can cause deadly diseases like malaria and dengue fever. We need to protect ourselves against them by using sprays, lotions and roll-on products, which you can buy over-the-counter. Just apply them onto your skin or your clothes. The insecticide formula they contain can create a chemical barrier between yourself and the despicable mosquitoes. However, they pose drawbacks by leaving your skin greasy and sticky while staining your clothes. They also have unpleasant chemical smells. To ensure you’re fully protected from the pests, you need to apply and cover the entire skin with the formulas.

As consumers need to be satisfied with mosquito products, many manufacturers have innovated the insect repellent bands to protect people from being bitten by mosquitoes. The idea is simple – the band or bracelet is applied with mosquito repellent and is clasped around the wrist to form vapour or gas which deters mosquitoes away from the person. It leaves no stain on the skin or clothing. The product is also free from unpleasant odours that sprays, lotions and roll-ons have. You just need to wear the band anytime within the day or until it’s time to replace it with a newer band. The odour of the repellent band lasts around 48 hours.

Some Words of Warning

The technology of insect repellent bands is still at its infancy, and they may not be enough to eliminate mosquito bites. A single bracelet may not be powerful enough to protect you against mosquitoes. With this, you still need to apply sprays, lotions or roll-ons, which are proven effective and affordable.  Although one is not deprived to use the technology, you still need to apply other conventional repellents to ensure you are free from insect bites.