Local SEO Benefits From Customer Reviews

Businesses have been benefitting from positive customer reviews for years. Satisfied customers often share their good experience with a brand on social media platforms to provide search engines with new content to crawl. It is very likely for a customer review to include keywords and phrases that are relevant to the brand. 

Websites no longer rank even if they stuff the pages with keywords and alt-tags. Google algorithms have changed and customer reviews have become an important part of SEO. The more reviews that a business gets, the more keywords are used by customers. Customers have become valuable content creators for a brand and Google considers the content in page ranking.

The importance of high quality content has always remained consistent in the world of SEO. Positive reviews are considered as high-quality content and has become an influential factor to the website’s ranking. Since social media is now the driving force behind a website’s traffic, it makes sense to encourage customers to share their good experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

Google tracks the behaviour of social media users and can actually determine whether the conversations about a brand are positive or negative.  Marketers must be aware the most paying customers were converted by the reviews they found from search results.

People seeking for relevant information regarding a digital marketing agency can read king kong SEO reviews from satisfied customers. Reviews provide people with information that is very important in making a confident purchasing decision. The digital agency has managed to stand out from the competition through its SEO marketing strategies and ROI-driven approach.