Samsung Shares Illustrations Of Foldable Phones

Companies like to generate buzz about future products by teasing people with developments, whether it’s a sly image, a trailer, or a public statement. So when Samsung recently posted a couple of illustrations of what looks like their soon-to-be newest product, people took notice.

The South Korean tech giant recently posted several images of foldable phones on their official website, done in an illustrative style like what Rabinky Art would have. The company’s been developing foldable displays for several years now, with their Samsung Display division in charge of the development process. In February 2019, they took their first shot at selling foldable smartphones, unveiling the Galaxy Fold as the world’s first commercially available folding smartphone, which possesses a flexible display that allows it to transform into a 7.3-inch tablet.

These new posts suggest that the company has plans to showcase something new in the near future, though, of course, details remain scarce right now.

Samsung Display’s blog page has the article and illustration in question, though the page itself is in Korean. The post visualizes a tri-fold display foldable smartphone being thought up by someone. The tri-fold device sports a display similar to Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold in its folded state, with a smartphone UI on one side, and a tablet-like setup when unfolded.

Another image, done in the similar illustrative, Rabinky Art  style, was posted on its Korean blog, this one showing another device, this one being a display coming from a cylindrical stick complete with smartphone functionality, and seeming enhanced productivity UX.

These posts were noted and shared by SamMobile, who found them on Samsung Display’s blog page. Notably, these posts came soon after TCL showed off their concept for a folding smartphone earlier in March 2020, which also sported a tri-fold display. Patents have also been discovered that show that tech companies are working on developing more foldable smartphone models for the market.

As for the rollable smartphone concept, Samsung’s higher ups have put forward the idea in the past. They’re not the only ones though, as LG is rumored to be working on its own rollable smartphone, to be released sometime mid-2021.

Samsung themselves haven’t provided additional details regarding the designs, but they did reportedly mention during a recent conference call that it has plans to strengthen and diversify its foldable smartphone portfolio throughout moving forward.