Should You agree to a Plea Bargain?

Being arrested and charged for a crime can be terrifying and frustrating particularly when things become complicated and different to understand. The best person to turn to is the criminal lawyer because making an emotional decision at this point can be counterproductive and potentially damaging.

Why do you need a lawyer?

When you are stressed, it can be very tempting to accept the first plea that the prosecutor may offer. Before, accepting a plea bargain, it is important to discuss the situation with the criminal lawyer who is familiar and well-experienced with the legal process. It is very likely that your knowledge of the criminal process is limited to what see on TV or the movies. A criminal lawyer has certainly handled many cases which means that he has a better sense of what the prosecutor wants.

Before agreeing to a plea bargain, the criminal lawyer will determine all evidences against you and whether there are ways to dispute the charges. If the prosecutor realizes that his case is not actually that strong, he will be more amenable to a better deal to avoid the possibility of losing the case.

Prosecutors are employees of the state and they want convictions to proceed as quickly as possible. A criminal lawyer knows this and while it may lead to additional work and time spent on your case, he can offer a better deal to speed things up. When you hire a criminal lawyer to work on your case, you can rest assured that he will protect your rights and interests and try to achieve the best possible outcome.

It is important to analyse the offer of the prosecutor whether it is really given for your best interests. Prosecutors are not your friends and their first priority is the interest of the state. Meanwhile, a plea bargain will forfeit your right to appeal even if there are other issues that can be resolved.

The consequences of a conviction can be far-reaching and any decision requires the necessary support from Donich Law. A criminal lawyer is the best person who can provide you with advice on whether you should take the plea bargain or not.