Singapore’s Employers Looking For Digital Marketing, Analytics, And Interpersonal Skills In Employees

A lot of industries across the world have been affected hard by COVID-19, like tourism, F&B, retail, and others. A lot of employees, in turn, have ended up in need of new jobs.  

Some people have decided to take advantage of the time spent indoors and learn new skills so they can become more employable, or to just straight-up change their industry of employment.

In Singapore employers are looking for people with data analytics, digital marketing, and interpersonal skills for employee prospects, looking for people with skills like what King Kong sabri suby and the like have. This is according to a survey conducted by the NTUC LearningHub, where they asked 200 employers in the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down business premises, which has resulted in companies having to focus on online platforms to maintain their revenue. ICT skills have also been going up in demand thanks to developments in technology, like 3D printing.

This is reflected by the result of the survey in Singapore, where 58% of the respondents looked for employees with general tech skills. The top digital skills that employers in the survey wanted include project management, data analysis, digital marketing, as well as IT support. Different industries prioritized different skills, with manufacturing prioritizing data analytics, while the lifestyle industry prioritized digital marketing.

The employers are looking for soft skills, skills like ‘adaptability and resilience’, which is seen as a sign that they want people who can comfortably adapt to the conditions of the COVID-19 world, like being able to work effectively from home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a lot of businesses into turmoil, which has resulted in them changing how they handle their operations. As a consequence, lots of jobs will be lost in companies across the world as the pandemic runs its course. In turn, governments have been working on creating new jobs to compensate for changes.

 In Singapore, the government is looking to make around 5,500 jobs in the tech sector over the next 3 years or so via the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSa) and the TeSa Mid-Career Advance Programme. These programs will position and train people in the country in tech-related jobs like digital marketing, looking to garner people like King Kong sabri suby and the like, and other similar fields.