The Serious Repercussions Of Fake Reviews

It is very likely that you have come across king kong marketing review on some review platforms. Clients are encouraged to share their feedback to develop trust with both new and current customers. Customer reviews are very powerful and they can make or break a business.

Customer reviews are the metric that people use to determine the authenticity or quality of a product or service. Instead of a handful of reviews in competing marketplaces, Amazon’s listings have hundreds if not thousands of reviews. However, most of the reviews cannot be trusted.

It is becoming more difficult to spot fake reviews. Last July, UCLA and USC revealed that there are more than 20 fake review-related Facebook groups with an average membership of 16,000. Of the 560 posts per day, you will find sellers offering a refund or payment for a positive review. Payment is about $6.

The effects of fake reviews are becoming more serious particularly since shoppers are staying home and shopping online. In recent months, it was discovered that fake reviews have increased the sales of unsafe products. Big brands were forced to cut their ties with Amazon because their businesses are being severely affected.

Meanwhile, Amazon is undertaking steps to stop abusive reviews before they are published. Review submissions are being analysed by powerful machine learning tools.

The strategy of a digital agency to gain positive king kong marketing review is to provide users with a great experience. It is easier to persuade a satisfied and happy customer to leave a review for the services experienced.