Video Games Changed The Team Building Landscape

One of the most common events organized by companies nowadays is corporate team building in Sydney, which is believed to benefit everyone involved. The problem is that there are team building activities that are often seen as cringe-worthy by the employees rather than create excitement among them. While the main goal of team building is to build team work, there are activities that might do the opposite especially if it promotes forced interaction.

To make sure these negative vibes do not affect majority of the team building exercises organized by companies, they prefer activities that will cater to the interest of the younger generation in the workforce. The most common examples of such activities are playing escape room or playing target using axes. Another latest addition is by playing mobile games such as Fortnite which is currently the most popular all over the world.

According to an expert in team building organization, human history has proven that games play a big role in the society. For companies that are comprised mostly of the younger generation, which is considered to be millennials, playing Fortnite is their idea of following the concept of gaming.

It is no wonder that the game is known by majority of the working millennials since it is currently the most played game in the world. In fact, the company is earning over $200 million monthly and there are already scholarships offered to players who excel in playing Fortnite. The big question now is how video games such as Fortnite are able to promote teamwork and improve cooperation among the workers?

Fortnite requires player to participate in a team where everyone must cooperate. Companies who have tried video games with the same level of cooperation required admitted that their departments are more cohesive than before thanks to the online games that are creating bridges and destroying barriers.

It takes a lot of responsibility on the players end incorporating Fortnite as a corporate team building in Sydney because the game must only be played in between breaks and should not steal time away from work. Thankfully, there are matches within the game that takes up around 20 minutes and after that, they can get back to work more invigorated than before.