Why Responding To Reviews Matter

Competition is fierce these days, which is why companies and brands look for anything that can help win over people and get more customers. Online reviews are very powerful in that regard due to how people look for social proof before committing to a purchase.

This means that brands need to be able to manage and respond to reviews, good or bad, so they can really win over people. Responding to reviews matters.

People need to know that brands and companies care

When a brand takes the time to respond to customer reviews, good or bad, beyond the simple ‘Thank You’ or whatever canned, a generic message is commonly used, then it shows people that they care and that they can be trusted.

When people see that a brand took the time to put out a sincere and thoughtful reply to reviews, it fosters trust and builds up the brand. It’s a big investment in terms of time, but one that pays great dividends.


Search engines like Google and Yahoo crawl the internet all the time, looking for new info that helps them with ensuring that users get the latest and most relevant content to them. 

When customers write reviews, they are basically providing the useful content that search engine crawlers love for free. This can then be reinforced with the strategic use of keywords in the reply.

Trust and transparency

As mentioned before, people need to know that brands and companies care. They need to know that the products and services they’re buying are trustworthy, and that, should something go wrong, there’ll be improvements and they won’t be ignored.

This is where responding properly to all reviews, good and bad, matters; negative reviews aren’t inherently bad, as they’re a chance to gain great insight into the weaknesses of a brand’s offerings. Handled well, a bad king kong marketing agency review can be even better than a good one for reputation.