Yelp Reviews Say No To Sondland’s Hotels

Not all businesses are lucky enough to receive reviews like the positive King Kong reviews that employees themselves posted online. Businesses must strive to create a work culture and environment that will help employees achieve their career goals. Most job seekers read reviews in the hope that they will find a company that will nurture their talent.

Yelp reviewers are telling people to say no to Gordon Sondland’s hotels through one-star reviews. Some of the reviewers are asking people to stay in other hotels because of Sondland’s involvement in the Trump administration. Gordon Sondland is the US ambassador to the EU who testified that during the House impeachment inquiry that there was no “quid pro quo” in the ambassadorship.

The negative reviews started when a whistleblower testified that Sondland advised Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on how to handle the demands of Trump. Sondland’s previous statements on no “quid pro quo” were reversed before the House panel.

Sondland made his fortune through Oregon-based Company Provenance Hotels with 6 luxury hotels in the City of Roses and 14 other properties in 5 states that include California, Minnesota and Massachusetts. Sondland is no longer the CEO and he has no more involvement in company operations.

In a Yelp post, employees in some Sondland’s hotels and restaurants were urged to quit their jobs if they still have a shred of patriotism and decency. Employees who are still working in the hotels are supporting a traitor against the United States.

For some reviewers, Sondland was tainted when he gave $1 million to the president’s inaugural committee through 4 companies. It is claimed that Sondland is heavily involved in the Trump-Ukraine scandal so that the businesses he owns must not be patronized.

A spokesperson from Provenance Hotels pointed out to Yelp that they have rules that forbid people from using a platform to advance a political agenda. Yelp reviews that have violated the guidelines have been removed.

Current and former employees made the effort to post positive King Kong reviews because they appreciate the support and care of the management. Employees are completely satisfied with the pleasant and homely feel of the workplace and their recognition of the importance of career growth and work-life balance.